Wrestling with God?

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Is wrestling with your Father for you or because He wants to bless you?

In Genesis 32 we find Jacob wrestling with a man, God, Father and he wins.  Maybe like me you are asking, “How does a man beat God in a wrestling match?”  Maybe the same way my son, at age 6, beats me in checkers.  I let him beat me.  What is the lesson to be learned here?  God is a perfect father and he knows very well the need his children have to grow in strength and skill and training.  As a father I want my children to grow in wisdom and stature.  What are you wrestling with God about today?  Are you winning or have you given up thinking you may never ‘get it’?  Your heavenly Father wants you to learn in the process of the match. Keep wrestling and be trained up for your future.  Also, remember Dad’s, to wrestle well with your children.

Thoughts from Scripture on wrestling: Genesis 32, Psalms 13 NIV, Colossians 4:12 NIV.

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