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How does your home function in regards to who is in charge? Who makes the final decisions? Is it the
father the mother, or the kids? As a counselor working and ministering to families for over two decades it is interesting to me that often times God fearing homes do not function in accordance to biblical instruction when it comes to the authority structure. I am aware that this structure is not always accepted in our culture because men are to be the head of the household based on biblical standard. Please don’t stop reading yet because you don’t agree, give me a second. Men are to be the head under the instruction of God with his helpmate being his wife. This is not an authoritarian structure but an accountable structure with a ‘couple’ being the focus under God’s hand of protection. It is sad to me to see men unwilling to be the leaders and protectors God has called us to be. I realize this tracks all the way back to Adam who did not protect Eve but I pray for men to begin taking up the mantle of watchmen over our homes and families. Men who understand the gift of Godly authority have been charged with the responsibility to protect our families in wisdom and truth. I say this as a challenge to men to take up your mantle properly and courageously. If you are not sure of how to reach out to men taking up their mantle please call me, I would love to help.

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