Discipline in the Home

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In Scripture it talks frequently about using a ‘rod’ to discipline.  Many homes, including God fearing homes, no longer obey the lessons of the bible in disciplining their children.  Recently I was talking to a father who was told by his fourth grader that he could no touch him or his son would tell the school and the father would be taken from the home.  This fourth grader was taught this at school.  My friend went on to teach his son that touching, spanking, would occur in the home and if the state authorities were contacted that the son would be leaving the home not the father.  Our world system is not in favor of discipline in the home because, our enemy Satan, desires our homes to be ruled by rebellion instead of loving discipline.  As I talk to parents daily the issue of discipline is a common discussion.  I am asked, ‘How do I make my child obey?’  My first question is whether there is prayer and discipline in the home.  The question is for the entire home, parents included.  We as parents need to have self discipline if our kids are to follow.  We as parents need to also pray before we discipline as to receive God’s input for the proper ‘rod’ to use.  The discipline maturity process is simple:

1st we are disciplined by others,

2nd we discipline ourselves,

3rd we obey in order to please the authorities over us, parents, God, boss etc. and not have to be disciplined.

Are you pleasing God today in how you are disciplining yourself and obeying Him?  If not how can your children follow?

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