Fathers are you protecting your child’s heart?

| Thursday, November 7th, 2013 | No Comments »

As a father I am often making decisions to protect my child’s well-being. I feed them healthy food. I make sure they get enough sleep and exercise to have healthy bodies. I make sure they do their schoolwork to have healthy minds and sharp intellect. I encourage them to talk about issues so they can have healthy emotions. The greater question though, as a Godly father, is the condition of their spiritual heart. Can they hear from God? Are they listening? As Godly fathers we need to prepare our kids to ‘have ears to hear…’ as Jesus told John in the book of Revelation. In order to prepare my kids to hear their heavenly father I need to prepare them by hearing my earthly voice. The things that I say can have a great impact on how my children interact with and listen to God. Speak wisely, Dads. Speak with love and compassion. Speak about your Heavenly Father with your children. Speak to Him with them. And when you speak to your children harshly, causing a hurt or calloused heart, seek their forgiveness and healing. Your children have tender hearts.

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