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Boy’s to Men – Let’s Celebrate!

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Celebrating ‘Manhood’

Have you ever wondered how a boy moves into manhood?  Maybe you are a man in age but feel less than capable of handling manly tasks.  Recently I held a celebration for my 15y/o son and along with 19 other men we shared Godly advice and wisdom for my son.  It was and awesome time of fellowship and growth.  I found that not only my son, but myself and all the men present were moved and impacted.  In our culture we do not often ‘Celebrate Manhood’, and so our son’s flounder in become men.  Paul says in the scriptures that children are to put childish talk, thinking and reason behind them and move into adulthood.  I believe men are to call boys into manhood and then help them walk it out.  This ministry of ‘Foundations for Families’ has many areas of focus, calling boys into manhood is one of them.  If you want to discuss more please email me at

Wrestling with God?

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Is wrestling with your Father for you or because He wants to bless you?

In Genesis 32 we find Jacob wrestling with a man, God, Father and he wins.  Maybe like me you are asking, “How does a man beat God in a wrestling match?”  Maybe the same way my son, at age 6, beats me in checkers.  I let him beat me.  What is the lesson to be learned here?  God is a perfect father and he knows very well the need his children have to grow in strength and skill and training.  As a father I want my children to grow in wisdom and stature.  What are you wrestling with God about today?  Are you winning or have you given up thinking you may never ‘get it’?  Your heavenly Father wants you to learn in the process of the match. Keep wrestling and be trained up for your future.  Also, remember Dad’s, to wrestle well with your children.

Thoughts from Scripture on wrestling: Genesis 32, Psalms 13 NIV, Colossians 4:12 NIV.

Discipline in the Home

| December 6th, 2010 | 1 Comment »

In Scripture it talks frequently about using a ‘rod’ to discipline.  Many homes, including God fearing homes, no longer obey the lessons of the bible in disciplining their children.  Recently I was talking to a father who was told by his fourth grader that he could no touch him or his son would tell the school and the father would be taken from the home.  This fourth grader was taught this at school.  My friend went on to teach his son that touching, spanking, would occur in the home and if the state authorities were contacted that the son would be leaving the home not the father.  Our world system is not in favor of discipline in the home because, our enemy Satan, desires our homes to be ruled by rebellion instead of loving discipline.  As I talk to parents daily the issue of discipline is a common discussion.  I am asked, ‘How do I make my child obey?’  My first question is whether there is prayer and discipline in the home.  The question is for the entire home, parents included.  We as parents need to have self discipline if our kids are to follow.  We as parents need to also pray before we discipline as to receive God’s input for the proper ‘rod’ to use.  The discipline maturity process is simple:

1st we are disciplined by others,

2nd we discipline ourselves,

3rd we obey in order to please the authorities over us, parents, God, boss etc. and not have to be disciplined.

Are you pleasing God today in how you are disciplining yourself and obeying Him?  If not how can your children follow?

Spiritual Fathering

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Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be mentored by Jesus Christ himself? To walk along side of him while he healed the sick and raised the dead.  I can only imagine.  Today as fathers we are called to mentor our children in such a fashion.  Many would say this is impossible.  In our own strength it is impossible.  But the fact is, as Christ followers we are given grace by God to …walk as Jesus walked.  Men how often do you pray for your children, pray over your children?  How often do you open up the word of God and teach his principles?

Book recommendation:Boy's Passage, Man's Journey

Boys Passage, Man’s Journey

By Brian Molitor