As a ministry we view counseling and discipling people from a holistic approach.

We are all a part of a family. Some relationships are broken within the family but we all come from a family. This being said, Foundations for Families strives to address all broken relationships in a family for complete family restoration.


Initial Intake

Initial intake is done to evaluate the persons and/or families needs. At times, referrals are made to other Christian services and/or supports. Collaboration is also addressed with the client’s local church and/or supports.

Family counseling

Family counseling is done with the focus of restoration and forgiveness.

Couple’s counseling

Couple’s counseling is done with the focus of restoration in the marriage to better serve the family unit.

Individual counseling

Individual counseling is done with the focus of restoration with our heavenly Father and receiving from Him first and foremost.  We would do that by addressing past hurts and struggles from a perspective of wholeness which includes spiritual, emotional, intellectual and physical healing.

Youth counseling

Youth counseling is done with the focus of restoration with parents and the entire family unit.

Parental training

Parental training is done with the focus of personal accountability with God and spouse, and training up our children in a Godly fashion. Another focus is toward the father’s and mother’s roles in parenting.


Discipleship is focused on a closer walk with Jesus, and understanding of his ways.

Speaking engagements

Speaking engagements include speaking at churches from the pulpit, speaking at gatherings of parents about Godly parenting, and at men’s gatherings regarding spiritual fathering.