“I can say with heart-felt certainty that I and my family would not be where we are today if it were not for Foundations. Our relationships with God are stronger, our bond as a husband and wife is closer, and our family as a whole works more efficiently due to the guidance we have received. Foundations is a vital resource to this family. We treasure the visits and look forward to our future as a family. Praise God… ”
Father in the ministry

gina-01“Foundations has helped us focus on the current issues going on in our family with the right perspective and Godly insight. We realize what a proper family priority structure is and how to implement/practice some changes that needed to be made. We are better parents and have dramatically improved the relationship with our kids. We are being shown to really include God in our daily lives, more than we ever did before. We have started becoming more aware of the enemy’s tactics and how to battle against those with prayer. We are learning to build our girls up with truth and Godly discernment.”
Mother in ministry

“I want you to know how much I appreciate you and your support of [my daughter]. Its good to know that she can seek counsel from you and get wise and honest answers. I wish she would come to me, but she’s at the point where she doesn’t believe that I would have any good answers because of the way things have been here. I know you don’t know me that well so it must have seemed strange that I called you, but you were the first ones to come to my mind. I do know that from what Susan has told me that you never whitewash anything and that you will always speak the truth even if it hurts and I admire that in you. I would greatly appreciate you staying in contact with her…”
Mother in ministry